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Yoga Hosers: Canadian Teenagers and Bratwurst-Nazis

What do yoga, Canadian Nazis, and teenage phone addicts have in common? Find out in our second episode as we discuss Yoga Hosers, a film in which two teenage girls named Colleen fight for their lives and personal reputations through yoga.

In Winnipeg, Canada, we meet Colleen and Colleen, two girls who are obsessed with yoga, their punk band, and their phones. While at work one night at the local convenience store, Eh-2-Zed, they are attacked by “Bratzis,” miniature Bratwurst clones, made by a Canadian Nazi. In order to save themselves and their town, they must fight off the Bratzis “the yoga way.”

What Went Wrong

1. Broken Plot

2. Sound Effects

3. Visual Effects

Repeated Segments

1. Whiplash: “There’s always another way. The yoga way.”

2. Shooting Star: Yogi Bayer

3. Shatting Donkey: Bratzis attack the toilet-paper man

Major Cast Members

Lily-Rose Depp as Colleen Collette

Harley Quinn Smith as Colleen McKenzie

Johnny Depp as Guy Lapointe

Austin Butler as Hunter Calloway

Tyler Posey as Gordon Greenleaf

Justin Long as Yogi Bayer

Kevin Smith as The Bratzis

(Information taken from IMDB)