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The Ridiculous Six: Adam Sandler and a Shatting Donkey

You’ve probably heard of Adam Sandler. In our pilot episode, we discuss his notorious western parody, The Ridiculous Six. From amateur special effects to a shatting donkey, this film is unlike any other.

The Ridiculous Six is a western parody of Seven Samurai, in which Adam Sandler writes and stars as an orphaned cowboy named Tommy, who was raised by Indians. When Tommy’s long-lost father appears with a price on his head, Tommy joins his 5 half-brothers to rescue his father by looting his way through the west.

What Went Wrong

1. Redundancy

2. Consistency in Genre

3. Prejudice (Racism and Sexism)

Repeated Segments

1. Whiplash: “Hey guys, let’s play with our chest hair and eat potato chips.”

2. Shooting Star: Lil Pete is hanged

3. Shatting Donkey: A literal shatting donkey

Major Cast Members

Adam Sandler as Tommy (White Knife)

Terry Crews as Chico

Jorge Garcia as Herm

Taylor Lautner as Lil Pete

Rob Schneider as Ramon

Luke Wilson as Danny

Will Forte as Will Patch

Nick Nolte as Frank Stockburn

Harvey Keitel as Smiley

(Information taken from IMDB)