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Ten Podcast Pitches

Concept art from pitched podcasts

Students in the Undergrad Podcast Lab dove right in and produced a set of podcast pitches this week. This  helped them get comfortable with our recording and publishing platform ( and with each other. These ten podcasts pitches show a range of types of podcasts, and each of these could be shaped into a publishable set of episodes. Sketching out a set of prospective podcast episodes comes next as they make a more formal “treatment” detailing their concepts.

  1. The Black Holes of Netflix (Sarah Doyle and Madison Roush)
    “Listen to our hilarious discoveries of truly the worst Netflix has to offer.”
  2. The Lit-Knitters (Sam Jacob and Jace Einfeldt)
    Connecting classic literature with popular culture, two works at a time.
  3. The Funeral Potato (Gabbey Beard and AJ Dickens)
    Like the Onion, but for BYU and Mormon culture
  4.  I Had the Craziest Dream Last Night (Alex Roweton and Ashlyn Earl)
    “Welcome to I Had the Craziest Dream Last Night, where amazing dreams happen.”
  5. Mind the (Generation) Gap (Erika Free and Natalia Green)
    Bridging generations, all in good fun.
  6. The Rabbit Hole M.D.A. (Mason Graham, Danny Daw, Abby Beazer)
    “Come join Mason, Danny, and Abby as they meander through the questions of every person’s inner, nerdy soul”
  7. A Firm Understanding (Madelyn Taylor and Gabriel Bradford)
    Investigating affirmative action
  8. Threat Level Midnight (Trent Anderson and Noelle Dickerson)
    “We discuss and investigate who is the real Scranton Strangler”
  9. Poetry in Process (Isaac Robertson and Matthew McCollum)
    “Every episode traces the creative process of a poem, from inspiration to publication”
  10.  The PostMan (Austin Mills and Devin Bartholomew)
    “One man’s odyssey through a world of absurd, ironic meaninglessness”

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